Info Service

The 'info.' service provides an additional aspect of information about URIs, and exist as a separate URI to allow them to be differentiated from the URIs that are used for referencing data records. Specifically, the 'info' domain allows users to view the metadata stored in the registry, rather than the data provider's record.

Identification of Registry's records

Identification and reference to Registry's record is done via URIs of the form:[collection]/[entity].

Those should only be used to identify and retrieve metadata provided by the Registry or access information in RDF/XML. Those URIs should NOT be used for identifying data entries.

Response formats

Currently supported formats

Format name Accepted Internet media types
(X)HTML text/html, application/xhtml+xml
RDF/XML application/rdf+xml

Content negotiation

Content negotiation is a mechanism defined in the HTTP specification that makes it possible to serve different versions of a document at the same URI. is able to handle content negotiation.

Response format specified in URL

In addition to support content negotiation, one can specify requested format of the answer in the URL, via a suffix:


In order to perform some tests, you can use cURL. For example the following command will query and request the response to be encoded in RDF/XML:

    curl -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" ""